"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world" John Muir

Forest School

The Forest is a wonderful place to learn. In Forest School we provide a full range of nature-based activities that will teach problem solving, risk management, independence and team building skills.

The forest provides a rich environment for learning and self-discovery. Groups of children work together or independently on a range of activities designed to get them moving and opening their senses to the beauty and importance of the natural world. 

Activities include building rope bridges, natural shelters and obstacle courses, learning about local wildlife and the environment, mapping, camouflage, foraging and woodcrafts. For the older students, bushcraft and survival skills can be included, and for younger children crafts, games and storytelling provide ample opportunity to engage. Sessions can be tailored to suit the group, and can link in with various aspects of the curriculum.

For the best experience, at least one term of sessions should be attended by each group. This allows them to fully engage with the process, and gives the greatest results in terms of raising self-esteem and confidence, learning to gauge risk, and raising concentration levels in other areas of their life, such as back in the classroom.


  • School tours, where the emphasis is on experience in nature. Fun activities and games will form the basis of this one-off day in the woods, with some time for free play and exploration. 
  • Term-time sessions aim to promote learning in nature. The aim of regular Forest sessions is to bring greater environmental awareness, as well as self-regulation and opportunities for team work.
  • 'Three seasons' package: book one visit each in Autumn, Winter and spring (with an optional summer visit), in order to track changes in plants and trees throughout the year. This can help children to form a sense of themselves as part of the natural world.

Transport to and from site will need to be arranged by the school or organisation.   

Give us a call to discuss the options and pricing.