Terms and Conditions

Risk Management: It is important that children at Forest School are exposed to some managed risk. This is something that many children are lacking in their everyday lives, and is vital for learning how to think creatively, solve problems and gain confidence in their actions. To this end, each activity is risk assessed to allow the Forest School leader to take steps to lower any risk to an acceptable level according to the age and number of children involved. In addition the site is assessed for unnecessary hazards and again, steps are taken to lower the risk of accident or injury. However, parents will be made aware that some hazards remain, eg tree roots could be tripped over, hills and ditches could be accidentally fallen down and trees could be fallen out of. Steps to manage these risks will be taken, but the aim is for children to become aware of their abilities in various areas, and to gently push their own limits, without putting themselves at too great a risk.

Cancellation Policy: Forest School sessions may occasionally have to be cancelled in the event of illness or bad weather. If it is very windy it is unsafe to be in the trees due to the risk of falling branches and trees. However this is very unusual and if the session is already paid for, it will either be rescheduled or parents will be refunded. If a child cancels at the last minute, a deposit may be kept by the Forest School to cover any costs already incurred. This will be discussed on an individual basis.